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Inspiring Answers to Straight Questions

I am inspired by nonprofit leaders, consistently and mightily, and that’s why I took my second career in this direction instead of two things that periodically inspire me like craft beer and fly fishing.  In the last few months, in groups or individually, I’ve asked a variety of nonprofit leaders a question:  what is one belief you hold about the world or humankind that you feel got you into human services?

The responses have all been thoughtful and instructive, and they have often been specific about the person’s life.  The varied combinations of words fall into two general groups, one group of answers were about all people and one group of answers were about one person:

All people – I believe that all people are essentially good, deserve empathy, and sometimes need help.

One person – I know that I can make a difference.

What’s magical about this is that truly these two answers pair up for people in the helping field.  In other words, the leader whose answer drops in the one-person category will say “…and of course” about the all-person category.  And those who answer about all-people are doing what they do because they know they can make a difference.

Getting down to the basics is a great exercise and I know that I can always use more exercise.  And inspiration.