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Some Great Reasons (Ten Actually) to Join an Executive Roundtable

After my first full year as a coach and consultant I became very clear about the three types of support I most want to provide for clients, and one of the three is roundtables.  You can read more about the format here on the website and we’re enrolling now for a 10 month 2016 cohort.  NOW, here are some great reasons to join!

Reason #10:  Your board will be impressed – All boards want an exec who is invested in self-improvement and no boards think their exec knows it all.  Show your drive toward excellence.

Reason #9:  You’ll expand your posse – You will gain colleague-friends who may stay with you for life.  We all need a solid posse behind us when things get tough, it can never be too big.

Reason #8:  Time Out of the Office – Someday these roundtables will surpass golf as the most relaxing and fun way to get out of the office and still call it work.  Change your view and change your perspective.

Reason #7:  Businesses that invest in their leaders excel – Although not always preached in the nonprofit sector this is a needless-to-say in the private sector.  The myth that overhead-is-bad hurts the sector in several ways and leadership development is high on the list.

Reason #6:  Leaders who invest in themselves move up – How many things do you do that are both good for your organization and good for your career?  Not many, but this is a good and affordable one.

Reason #5:  Peers are the best consultants – Do you ever gather 8 or 9 eager consultants who have actually experienced your dilemmas?  The accuracy with which peers hear your challenges and the experience they apply lays the groundwork for valuable advice.

Reason #4:  You’ll gain confidence – Sometimes the mere verbalization of an issue with people who “get it” ups your confidence that you’re on the right track.  Say it aloud in a group of people who understand the context and your path may be affirmed.

Reason #3:  There are “new” ideas – You will actually uncover ideas that are “new” to you.  Nonprofit execs come from scattered causes, stacks of experiences, and varied formal learning.  You will be surprised at what is out there that will be new to you.

Reason #2:  You need space – Your job and life is crowded, your best head work and your best heart work happen when both can stretch and breathe.  This kind of space is rarely happenstance, you must intentionally create it.

Reason #1:  You need focus – Focus is not only something we have, it’s something we do.  The ability to focus is a muscle, learn how to exercise it and build it.

If these ten reasons convinced you to enroll or talk more about it, go to the TAKE ACTION website tab and send me a note.  We’re now enrolling for a Space to Focus Executive Roundtable that begins February 19. 

Give yourself some space to focus – your organization needs it and you deserve it.