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Ever heard of Sunday Somnia

We’ve learned through national surveys the last few years that Sunday night in this country is the night for the worst sleep of the week.  

Anxiety and dread about going back to work Monday.  We’ve also heard repeatedly that people quit their boss not their job, and Gallup reported in 2015 that half of Americans surveyed had left a job to improve their overall life.  

Loving work instead of dreading it is a function of several key things, top among them is the boss and the team you're on.  Patrick Lencioni challenges leaders with this:

“I want you to realize that while you are leading this team you are having a bigger impact on peoples’ lives than you may ever have.  You change the way they go home at night, the way they treat their families and friends, you effect their self-esteem and that’s going to carry over through their life.  Your ability to build a good team and help them feel a part of that team might be the most altruistic thing you ever do.”
Good teams can build people up and help them overcome all kinds of normal work challenges. 
In a recent meeting with a leadership team I am supporting I watched an individual practice vulnerability-based trust with his team by sharing an insight he had about the way people perceived him in the workplace. 
It had dawned on him in one short conversation that some people experience him as authoritarian, even a bully, when his intention is totally different. 
His team, one by one, affirmed both his perception and his intention and praised and supported his desire to adjust the way he presented himself. They pointed out the positives in his work and style. 
This was pretty exciting to watch. 
The energy in the room completely changed. 

You may think of teamwork as a way to get things done, but consider looking at teamwork as the most underutilized route to people’s happiness at workCreating groups that work well together will engage people, support them as individuals and make everyone feel like they are a part of something important. 
The reward is the much-needed meaning and purpose on Monday morning. 

You may even help people sleep at night!