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We Don't Need Another Hero

In today's non-profit world we may try to do it all.  
We want to save at least a piece of the world.

We may not want to be heroes but we're ready and willing. 
In 34 years as a nonprofit executive I watched people suffer for the cause and simply suffer because of the cause.  We call the first martyrdom and the second victimhood.  Both states begin with the best of intentions and because people care.of course.  Most people quickly agree that we don't need more martyrs and victims in our work to improve the world.
And what about heroes, do we need more?  
"Hell yeah, who is going to turn down a true hero?"  Right, because a true hero steps up or steps in without pause when the crisis demands it.  The crisis could be life threatening or the crisis might be group silence when someone should speak up.  The heroes we don't need are people jumping onto exaggerated messes intent on saving the day, self-identified heroes who do their work as solutions-in-search-of-a-problem.  
As a leader in your organization you know your martyrs and heroes, and you don't need any more.  What you want and need are people who genuinely care about the cause and will be a meaningful part of the team that is on it.   Go ahead and name them, support them!