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A Personal Confession

I have a confession to make: 
I led teams for many years as an executive director and when the team was performing well I was more likely to feel lucky than smart.  The truth I now know is that a high functioning team takes more than luck or smarts - it is an intentional, strategic choice.

When we reflect on success in anything we can view it through four factors:
- intention 
- smarts 
- hard work
  and luck. 

Any of these might rise up and take charge and we rarely have all four.  Hard work is the one we can control so we sometimes over-work something that lacks the other elements.

How are these success factors working for you in your executive team?  
Building a cohesive, high-functioning executive team can benefit from luck, when personalities fall together in a beautiful group of like-minded people.  Talent and smarts certainly help when you're constructing the group and running the mechanics, but how is the intention factor within your group? 

Best selling author and management consultant Patrick Lencioni calls a cohesive leadership team "an intentional, strategic choice,"  a choice that takes a lot of work. 

That work can be tackled through five fundamental behaviors practiced by cohesive teams-
building trust, productive conflict, clear commitment, team accountability, and a focus on results.

So keeping in mind all the success factors, you can declare your intention something like:  
We'll lead with a behaviorally unified executive team committed to collective results.