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I'm reaching out to you as part of a small group of nonprofit executives with whom I would love to work in bringing a new spark to your team.  

Team development has been the most rewarding work I've done as a consultant over the last five years because it truly produces great results within an organization.  

And I am looking for 6 good teams to work with in 2019.

Not every named "team" is really a team, and of course not every real team is a good team.
Besides common goals and shared rewards and responsibilities, a good team is self-conscious in a way that brings some focus internally so that a desire for greatness is sparked.  When there is that spark, a team is willing to invest considerable time and emotional energy in the process of becoming cohesive and high functioning.

The favorite tool in my toolbox that I have seen bring great results is The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team.  When I work with a team through The Five Behaviors we begin with a formal team self-assessment and then progress to action plans through a pyramid of growth. 

Building trust within your team allows you to move to mastering productive conflict. The result of productive conflict is true commitment, and on up the pyramid you grow toward increasing the focus on results.  This is not "team-building" in the ropes-course-one-day-blast way – this is a thoughtful process, without shortcuts but with real changes, real growth.