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You Are the Best HOPE

The best hope for reducing division and tribalism in our country right now lies in the nonprofit sector.  

You -  the people who are dedicated to the ARTS, to HEALTH, to CHILDREN and to DAILYDIGNITY - hold a  common belief that separation from one another is an illusion - we are all connected.  

Identity politics and economic class separation delivers tribalism.  We have our tribes and our common enemies.  How many people do you know well who voted for “the other side” in 2016?  The rift between tribes is very real right now.  Most of us can say that we have not seen our country more divided in our lifetimes.

But people working in nonprofit causes hold two seemingly contradictory beliefs in the same hand:
- “nobody’s perfect,” we all have challenges, and

- “we’re all perfect,”  beautiful sparkling crystals inside a rough exterior. 

And these beliefs grow stronger through action.   As behavior change precedes changes in attitude, behavior patterns build and fortify attitudes and beliefs. 

Whether you’re a volunteer, a long term professional, or just starting out –

Keep doing what you do and re-commit to it at a human-to-human level.