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The Evolution of Urgency

“There’s more sense of urgency in the for-profit segment than in the nonprofit segment, and it should actually be the reverse.  There is more to lose in the nonprofit segment.”  

This succinct understatement comes from Paula Schneider, CEO of Susan G. Komen and former fashion and apparel CEO.  Ms. Schneider certainly has the experience to back her comment - in both sectors. 

Urgency in the fashion industry is about making money.  At Susan G. Komen we see one of the best models for raising money and urgency around a cancer that will kill 41,000 women in the U.S. this year.

With urgency comes money for both of these two very different endeavors.  Where's the urgency in nonprofit organizations?  I've watched this question now for years and know it's evolving.

Nonprofit services, especially human services, are grassroots by nature. 
The urgency is for the next person through the door.  Real people, real needs, in real time.

The evolution is showing up as a new understanding of true costs, including the importance of high quality management and leadership.  The urgency evolution includes the need for better compensation, for entrepreneurial approaches such as building capital for taking new risks instead of waiting for public funding.

For the people running nonprofit companies, a shared urgency between the people in need and the drive to build the business is the mark of the evolution of urgency.  Don't give up on either, give them both more steam and see it grow.