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Parked at 2B

Parked At To-Be

Change is constant in the physical universe.  Our life happens in minutes that pass as we fret in distraction about the minutes coming up.  Sitting "still" we're on a globe spinning at 1,000 mph while orbiting at 66 times that speed.  We know all of this and all the while we may be simply parked at the part of our lives that we design.  

I loved the "2-B" sign the moment that we pulled under it in a three-story parking garage on the way to a party.  In the midst of the change and movement there's a part of life where we exercise design control: who do we want to-be, how do we want to-be showing up in the major areas of our lives, where are we headed? Parked at to-be means no answers and/or no action.  

Like over 40% of Americans I use the new calendar year to make a list, state new resolve and formalize intentions.  I review the previous year's list and the year before and that clarifies my reality.  I carry some things over from previous years and separate the broad intentions like "find inspiration" from the measurable to-do's, but most of all I resolve to avoid parking at to-be.  How do I stick to this?  By setting aside the time to check in with myself.  Am I living out my intentions daily, weekly hourly, minute by minute.  Am I present in my own life to where I stand on the to-be's and and actions that follow?

Awareness of what or where or who I want to-be is the only place to start, and then I pull out of the parking lot, get moving and stay moving!